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7월 몽골 이벤트 – 놓치지 마세요!

Events not to miss in July in Mongolia Want to travel to Mongolia? But do not know when the best time is? Wondering what to see in Mongolia? The best time to visit Mongolia is July and you certainly need much more time to take in this supremely beautiful, historical, and wild nature travel through...
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징기스칸의 고향, 켄티 지방의 이미지

Enjoy beautiful landscape images of Chinggis Khaan’s homeland, Khentii province in Eastern region of Mongolia. Local photographer Bayasgalantugs.G, traveled through the historical landscape and took spectacular pictures including sacred Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, eastern steppes, magnificent rivers and horses.   An epic landscape of Mongolia, birth place of Chinggis Khan /Genghis khan/ For the Mongols, this is the...
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몽골의 절경 사진 – Selenge Province

Selenge is the prosperous province of Mongolia letting you capture beautiful photos of its nature, history, and landscape. Let you lead to discover Selenge Province through local photographer Batdorj Choimbol‘s on screen and up close gorgeous images. Here are the must-visit places and some interesting facts about Selenge when traveling through Mongolia. Photography and Fishing tour would be an advantage....
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유목 문화 축제는 몽골의 정통 전통을 보여줍니다

The newly-organized cultural event will be held on the 4th of July, 2018 at Ulaagchnii Khar Nuur. Nomadic Cultural Festival gives the local and international public access to ancestral arts and traditions of steppe Mongols. Mongolia is well known as one of the last true nomadic nations in the world. The Mongol nomads have been...
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