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6월 몽골 이벤트

June is one of the best times to recommend for you to travel in Mongolia. The colorful and pleasant month when you...
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몽골이 정말 멋진 이유를 증명하는 15장의 사진

Still, haven’t traveled to truly unchanged life where Mother Nature reigns supreme, Mongolia is Wild and Raw. Rich in beautiful sceneries of mountains,...
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8월 몽골 이벤트

Surprisingly, August in Mongolia has plenty of events, whether you are looking for a religious festival or want to explore some unique...
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몽골의 고대 문화 – 알탄 오부 산 숭배

Altan Ovoo Mountain State Worship in  Sukhbaatar province, Eastern Mongolia As living as nomads for a thousand years, Mongolians have maintained rich...
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몽골 북부 Khovsgol 호수 얼음 축제 여행

Interested in travel to Mongolia in winter? And wondering what things to do in winter in Mongolia or searching Mongolian winter tour...
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몽골 후스타이 국립공원의 새들

Mongolia is a home and guest place of rare and beautiful birds from all over the world. Why don’t you travel to...
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7월 몽골 이벤트 – 놓치지 마세요!

Events not to miss in July in Mongolia Want to travel to Mongolia? But do not know when the best time is?...
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징기스칸의 고향, 켄티 지방의 이미지

Enjoy beautiful landscape images of Chinggis Khaan’s homeland, Khentii province in Eastern region of Mongolia. Local photographer Bayasgalantugs.G, traveled through the historical landscape and...
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